Frequently Asked Questions

In general, the client takes their clothes off down to their underwear (bra too for women) and get on the table, covered with a sheet and blanket.  The only part of their body exposed is the one being worked on.  If a client is uncomfortable undressing that much, just tell the therapist, and they will work within your comfort range.

Bowen therapy can be done fully clothed on the table.  Somatic Experiencing can be done sitting across from one another without bodily contact if the client prefers.

We suggest you make time to rest after a massage. Something like a nice walk or a short rest will help the table work continue to unwind your fascia and tense muscles. It is recommended to drink lots of water to help rid your body of the toxins released from the muscles. It is like having a good workout at the gym, water keeps your body hydrated and also helps to dispel the soreness that can result from too much lactic acid in your body.

Usually only under the supervision of a doctor. However, SIWC accepts HSA/FSA (Health Savings or Federal Savings Accounts) which are pre-tax dollars set aside for medical purposes. In most cases, a doctor prescription is not required, but check with your carrier. In the event of a car accident, PIP (auto insurance) is accepted with a doctor prescription. SIWC offers packages to help minimize the out-of-pocket expense. It is more advantages to do maintenance work before injuries happen to help minimize adverse injury that can accumulate expenses quickly.

Yes, massage is a great way to promote wellness treatment for long-term continuance of living a pain-free life. Massage will increase oxygen and nutrient absorption for your body systems, increases circulation, decreases inflammation, and helps immunity. All of these things promote better, healthier lifestyles.

It is at the discretion of the client. We at SIWC do not expect tips, but they are appreciated when the client feels it is warranted.

There are other types of therapies that do not require physical contact with the body or a very minimal amount of contact. Reiki energy work and Bowen therapy are both possible therapies that require minimal, if any, physical contact with the body. See the services page to find out more…

Massage therapist deal with the soft tissue structures of the body (muscles and fascia- connective tissue). Chiropractic care aligns the bones and ligaments of your body. The two therapies work hand-in-hand because both are necessary for optimal alignment and function. Physical therapy is for stretching and strengthening these tissues and structures through exercises and specific treatments. Massage can enhance the effects of physical therapy because it allows the tissues to function at higher efficiency levels as the muscle tension is reduced.

Unless you have previous experience with a specific type of massage/bodywork, the therapist will tailor your session using specific styles of therapies that will address your expressed concerns or issues. Ask questions if in doubt of what the therapist is doing or saying.

"We LOVE Miss Beth! My daughter has been seeing her since the day she was born 5/26/20. She does Infant massage and sacral cranial infant massage. My daughter was born Asynclitic and had a horrible misshapen head along with mouth ties. She looked back to normal the same day! If My daughter is tight or unable to use the bathroom we know it’s time to go to Beth. Plus Beth just has a way with people and babies in particular. I cannot say enough great things about this wonderful person."
Shelby V.